Asian Cauliflower, Tofu & Leaves

Super healthy and delicious, this rainbow dish combines white & orange cauliflower, red peppers, swiss chard leaves and tofu in an Asian inspired lime garlic sauce served with my rice, quinoa, chia seed side.

½ cup low-sodium veggie broth
2 Tbsp lime or lemon juice
1 Tbsp rice wine or white or Apple Cider vinegar
2 tsp minced ginger root or ½ tsp powder
2-3 minced cloves or ½ tsp garlic powder
2 tsp arrowroot or cornstarch

Mix all the sauce ingredients in a measuring cup and set aside.

Firm Tofu
1 block cut into cubes

Cut a block of tofu into ½” cubes. Saute in a dry medium-high pan for about 5 mins, stirring frequently until the sides start to turn tan. Remove from the pan and set aside.

TIP: To keep the tofu cubes hot, I like to keep them on a small baking tray in the oven or toaster oven at 350 degrees. This will keep them nice and hot while you complete the other components of the dish.

3 cups of cauliflower
3 cups swiss chard leaves
1 medium onion
1 red pepper
1 tsp sesame seeds

Keeping rainbow colors the highlight of my dishes, I used 1 ½ cups white and 1 ½ cups orange cauliflower. If you do not have orange cauliflower replace with 1 ½ cups of sliced carrots. Cut the cauliflower, onion and red pepper into bite-sized pieces. Feel free to replace chard leaves with any other dark leafy greens such as Kale.

Saute in a dry medium-high pan or you can add 2 Tbsp water, for about 5 mins, stirring frequently. Re-stir the sauce and pour over the veggies. Turn off the heat. The sauce will thicken in seconds.

Makes 4 servings

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