Corona Virus 19 Resources

Corona Virus 19 Resources

This page is dedicated to the Corona Virus 19 and credible resources covering FAQ’s, medical info and world wide statistics.  STAY AWAY from media outlets including the news in print, online or TV.   The majority of the information is misinterpreted.  They push out information faster then they can confirm nor deny the data.  Remember, news outlets are after viewers NOT facts.

This is just a jump start.  My time is insanely busy with calls and support.  I will be adding to this daily AND I have so much more to add to this.

World Corona Meter Statistics
This site meters the virus nationally and internationally updated daily.  These are the most accurate stats regardless of what you hear on the news.

CDC’s main resource page:

National Jewish Health (Denver Colorado)
The hospital research center that has my TOP doctors treating me (not the virus).  They are the #1 Pulmonary research center in the entire US.  Established in 1899.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Credible youtube sources:

Mic The Vegan
His videos are always spot on and come with corroborative links to his resources.


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