Death By Oils

Oils. Good? Bad? There is still an ongoing dispute regarding oils, however, processed vegetable oils are undeniably bad for our health.  Some studies have even demonstrated that they can be as unhealthy as animal fats.  Cooking with oils or pouring over salads defeats the point of consuming a healthy diet. The anti-inflammatory properties of veggies become greatly reduced when process oils are added, increasing inflammation.  Yes, coconut oils are also very unhealthy.

The point of an alkaline/healing diet is to reduce overall inflammation, not make it worse.  We grew up being told the false benefits of oils but that propaganda was created by the oil industry just as we were lied to by the dairy, meat and egg industries.  The marketing battle still rages on as more and more individuals worldwide are recognizing the harmful effects of consuming processed plant-oils.  I wanted to get this published as a bookmarked article for me to add to with more resources.  I follow 15 of the world’s top plant-based doctors and “all” state the exact same thing regarding oils and our health.  I am starting a video list of each of them explaining why oils are bad for us.

The worst epidemic in history with global explosions of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer. There are severe consequences to our health: It has been linked to mental illness (inflammation of the brain), suicide and homicide. Health issues including, but not limited to; increases in heart disease, type-2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, IBS, Inflammatory bowel syndrome, macular degeneration (eye damage), blindness, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, cancer, psychiatric disorders, even autoimmune disease
– Dr. Mark Hyman


Dr. Mark Hyman
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Scary Effect Olive Oil has on Arteries

Dr. Michael Klaper
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Good, Great, Bad, & Killer Fats
“The most prestigious scientific body in the United States the National Academy of Sciences released a damning report on trans fats and concluded that the only safe intake of trans fats was zero. The Academy said that the tolerable upper daily limit of intake was zero.”

Here is my guide to ” Cooking Without Oil

“Better Health, Better Life, Through Better Understanding”

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