Frummus (Fruit Hummus?)

Frummus - Fruit Hummus

A dessert hummus? I coined this phrase to describe fruit hummus. Clever, no? This is not a new concept but falls into a unique category.  I have created a trio of incredibly healthy, dessert hummus, that will hit the spot when seeking a fruity, healthy alternative to the norm.

Orange Creamsicle topped with grated orange rinds, pear topped with cinnamon and chocolate blackberry topped with cacao nibs. Think of these recipes as guilt-free and welcome them into your daily diet as health promoting.

Use as a dip with whole grain crackers, fruit slices, pie fillings, wraps or just eat as is. They freeze very well and will keep in the refrigerator for a week.

Should only last 1 day

Each recipe will be pureed in a blender or food processor. Drain your chickpeas BUT SAVE the aquafaba (the liquid in canned chickpeas). This is a highly coveted liquid.  It works as an oil and egg replacer in recipes, a thickener in sauces and can be whipped into a cream.

Typically you will get ½ cup of aquafaba liquid per 15 oz can of chickpeas. I freeze mine in snack sized bags per ½ cup.

Note: Each recipe recommends 6 fresh dates. It not only adds nutrients but sweetness. Feel free to add to the blue organic agave nectar or use in place of, or omit them.

Each recipe is assumed to yield 4 portions. The nutritional density of these recipes provides nearly 30% of every nutrient, vitamin, antioxidant and is a complete protein.

This tastes very similar to apple pie. Apples and pears are interchangeable with this recipe.

1 15 oz can low-to-no sodium chickpeas 
1 sliced Pear 
1 Tbsp lemon juice (⅓ of a lemon) 
¼ tsp cinnamon powder / grated 
6 dates

The aftertaste of this hummus will bring memories of old-school orange Julius or a creamsicle. Don’t judge by the first taste. A few tastes will yield these results.

1 15 oz can low-to-no sodium chickpeas 
3 oranges (peeled, deseeded and sliced) 
¼ tsp vanilla extract or 1 scraped vanilla bean 
6 dates

Blackberries can be substituted with any other berry.

1 15 oz can low-to-no-sodium chickpeas 
12 oz blackberries 
3 Tbsp Cacao powder 
2 Tbsp Cacao nibs 
6 dates

I hope you enjoy these fruit-based hummus ideas.  Experiment and enjoy!

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