My WFPB Congestive Heart Failure Recovery

WFPB Congestive Heart Failure Recovery

On September 19th, 2016 I was in an automobile accident.  I had a heart attack that stopped my heart. I died behind the wheel, crossed 4 lanes of traffic during rush hour and didn’t hit any other vehicles.

I am now 51 years of age, died when I was 49.  After 1 week in the hospital and undergoing every test imaginable, I was diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure operating at only 20% capacity, type-2, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

I left the hospital with a portable, wearable LIFE-Vest that was a cardiac defibrillator. To be worn 24/7 that monitored my heart that would administer a 150-joule shock to restart my heart if it failed ‘again’.  I was at risk for a second SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death). I was assigned a plant-based cardiac specialist whom I saw weekly for 7 months with weekly blood work and testing.
My doctor is a vegan plant-based cardiologist and encourages all his patients to adopt a whole-food, plant-based diet void of added oils, salts and sugars.  I watched Forks Over Knives and What The Health. Changed my diet immediately. I was terrified. I spent many quiet moments alone, late in the night crying.

Seven months later I was able to reverse ALL of my illnesses.  My eyesight even improved by 2 prescriptions less and I am now down 125 lbs and continuing to fall to whatever nature intended on me being.  

I started out barely being able to walk to the bathroom without being completely out of breath.  Over time as I was recovering on my WFPB, no added oils, salts or sugars I was able to walk 1 mile.  Now I can ride my bike for 10+ miles and feel energized!

I will never go back to a carnivore diet.  I love this lifestyle of whole-foods, no added salts, oils or sugars.  I am now in the best shape of my life!  #VeganForLife!

Quick stats as a carnivore:
Resting blood pressure and pulse: 165/90, 105 beats per minute
Cholesterol: 265, Weight: 315 lbs

My stats now:
Resting blood pressure and pulse: 115/65, 55 beats per minute
Cholesterol: 150, Weight: 190 lbs

During my journey I started an FB group to provide help, support and recipes (currently over 150 WFPB no oil recipes and counting)
Chef Jeff’s Plant-Based Recipes & Natural Healing in addition to my website

To add to my journey I am now the plant-based lifestyle coordinator and counselor for the same health-care institution that saved my life.  National Jewish Health in Denver Colorado.  They are the #1 pulmonary research and treatment center in the country. 

Jeffrey Doucette Profiled At PCRM Conference Aug 11th, 2018

My cardiologist profiled me at this year’s August 11th, PCRM (Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine, Dr. Near Barnard) conference in Washington, DC.

If I can do this, anyone can.  I hope that my recovery and journey promotes hope and encouragement for others.  My life is now dedicated as a plant-based, whole-food Chef, a plant-based lifestyle counselor and to continue sharing my story with others.

FB/IG: #ChefJeffDoucette

150+ of my original recipes all oil-free
FB: Group: Chef Jeff’s Plant-Based Recipes & Natural Healing

<3 Chef Jeff Doucette

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